Typical dishes

Our cuisine is marked by the different seasons. In the winter, it generally leans towards spoon dishes. Among these, Aspe’s most traditional dish is the dumpling stew, a recipe that is often linked to the most traditional celebrations held throughout the year.

On the other hand, with the summer season we would rather recommend a good rice dish with rabbit and snails cooked on a paella pan over a slow, vine wood fire, where possible.

Other dishes also linked to our special celebrations are: boiled Fava beans and fried rabbit, usually tasted during each suburb’s traditional celebrations.

However, our cuisine is a lot more varied and, in addition to these unique dishes, visitors can also taste other options that are part of our most traditional recipe books: wheat stew, soupy rice, crusty rice, chilled rabbit and tomato soup, fried flour dough or oven baked vegetable ratatouille. All these dishes are made from ingredients deeply rooted in our land, but also influenced by our proximity to the Mediterranean sea, such as the lobster rice.

In addition to our traditional cuisine, our restaurants also offer a wide menu with new flavours and suggestive presentations that are more in line with new culinary trends. Typical Dishes - Aspe Turismo (turismoaspe.es)